5 Reasons Handmade Soap is Better

5 Reasons Handmade Soap is Better

Posted on February 25th, 2022

Have you ever tried something new and known at once that it was better than anything you had ever tried before? And now that you know it, there is just no possible way you could go back to using your old product? For me, that happened the fist time I used natural handmade soap. My girlfriend started doing house parties, representing and selling "From the Meadow" soap and skin care products, all handmade in Belmont, Ontario. I loved that soap so much, I was hooked! After using their soaps for years, I was inspired to start making my own natural skin care products, and POSY was born.

Honestly, once you have used a handmade bar of natural soap, it is impossible to ever go back to feeling satisfied with using commercial "soap". It only takes one experience with real artisan soap to realize the difference, it just feels so much better on your skin. Our POSY soap bars are cold-processed and made from scratch in small batches, using high quality natural and organic butters and oils. The cold-process method takes more time, but produces the highest quality and most gentle bars of soap. Our soaps are coloured with herbs and clays, and scented with essential oils. You may ask, why is this such a big deal? 

It's important, because our goal is to provide safe, healthy, nourishing and beautiful skin care options for our family, and for you! Our natural soap bars are extremely nutritious for the body and do not strip away the skin's natural moisture as they cleanse. Did you know that most commercial "soaps" are actually detergents, and offer very few natural benefits to the skin. Synthetic detergents make these "soaps" a cosmetic rather than actual soap. Listed below are just a few of the reasons to switch to handmade soap!

1) REAL soap

Real handmade soap is derived from raw natural sources such as plant-based oils and butters. Soap-making involves combining fats and oils with sodium hydroxide (lye) to form glycerin and fatty acid salts. Most commercial "soaps" you buy from the drugstore are not soap but detergents. These detergents are synthetic agents that often contain harsh chemicals and hardeners that can be irritating for the skin.

2) Environmentally friendly

Soap is environmentally friendly because it is completely biodegradable, while detergents are non-biodegradable. Soap bars use little or no packaging, so you don't have to contribute to the land-fill site with your empty body wash bottles.

3) GLYCERIN is moisturizing (Yes please!)

Soap contains glycerin which is a natural byproduct of the soap making process, and is a wonderful humectant for the skin. This means that it draws and holds moisture to the skin leaving it supple and hydrated long after your shower, and continues to attract moisture from the air to your skin throughout the day. Glycerin increases the permeability of the skin to help increase hydration, and it contributes to a creamy lather. Commercial soaps often have the glycerin removed to be sold as a lucrative bi-product, and therefore will often leave your skin feeling dry.

4) Nourishing ingredients

Cold process soaps keep all of the nourishing ingredients undamaged so that they moisturize rather than dry out the skin. The natural butters and oils help to heal and protect, offering vital vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients that contribute to healthy skin. Handmade soap can be made with herbs, clays, milks, botanical extracts, salts and essential oils which contribute to therapeutic properties and aromas.

5) Beauty & Artistry

Artisan soap is designed and handmade in small batches by artists, who put a ton of love and labour into each bar they create. Each bar is unique, beautiful, beneficial, and luxurious. The various ingredients in handmade soap can offer a lot of variety and options for those who have different skin types and unique preferences in texture and scent. In addition, when you buy handmade soap you are supporting a small businesses in your community!

Hopefully these 5 reasons to buy handmade soap are enough to make you want to try some for yourself!

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